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Show your support to women coping with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental struggles by sending a trauma relief care pack with therapeutic tools and holistic healing.
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Painful Truths About Intimate Partner Violence

The painful truth about intimate partner violence is that it affects millions of individuals worldwide, leaving deep emotional and physical scars that can last a lifetime. It knows no boundaries of age, gender, race, or socioeconomic status, infiltrating homes and communities with devastating consequences. Behind closed doors, victims endure a cycle of manipulation, control, and abuse, often feeling trapped and powerless to break free. The impacts ripple beyond the immediate victims, touching families, children, and entire communities. Intimate partner violence shatters lives, erodes trust, and perpetuates a culture of fear and silence. Confronting this harsh reality is essential to spark meaningful change and create a future where love is nurturing, and relationships are built on mutual respect and dignity.

Your generosity can help us make a difference in the lives of survivors of intimate partner violence across Canada. With your support, we can provide essential services and programs tailored to the unique needs of individuals, families, and communities affected by this pervasive issue. By donating, you are directly contributing to empowering survivors to rebuild their lives, fostering safer environments, and advocating for systemic change to break the cycle of violence.

Every dollar you donate goes towards offering crisis intervention, trauma informed care, counseling, therapy and educational outreach initiatives. Together, we can create a future where everyone can live free from fear and abuse. Your contribution, no matter the size, fuels our efforts to support survivors on their journey towards healing and ensures that no one has to face intimate partner violence alone. Join us in our mission to cultivate safer, healthier communities where love and respect prevail. Thank you for your compassion and commitment to making a positive impact.



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  • Create new healthy habits by identifying personal stressors, become aware of self-defeating behaviours.
  • Reduce vulnerability to secondary traumatic stress by managing triggers and build resilience.
  • Support lasting change by designing a regime for self-care and stress management.
  • Live at peak performance by alleviating pain, healing and restoring well-being.

The generosity provided by our supporters presents opportunities for us to:

  • Deliver on-going trauma relief support to women in need throughout communities within Ontario, Canada.
  • Provide on-going trauma-informed education, life-skills training, and knowledge to improve overall well being.
  • Support women in receiving ongoing coaching and access to our mind-body healing arts institute.
  • Sponsor women into our empowerment programs and retreats.
  • Present internship opportunities for previously incarcerated women to volunteer and give back through community hours. To learn from artisans providing business skills, mentorship, and training.
  • End stigma, heal intergenerational trauma, reduce ACES and break the cycle and transmission of trauma.

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Help front line health care workers, care givers and survivors. Send a trauma relief care package to show your support.


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What is Help Her Recover?

Help Her Recover (HHR) is a division of Rituals for Recovery, an Ontario based women-centered non-profit organization established with the primary goal of ending suffering through trauma relief support, holistic care, therapy, education, and training.

Our multi-talented team provides essential mind/ body recovery tools and resources to help survivors manage, cope, and survive the aftermath of post-traumatic stress and complex trauma.

HHR’s core mission is to provide a continuum of recovery care services, to uplift under served populations of vulnerable women through community collaboration, creative leadership, and collective impact.

We envision a world where women are free: free from pain, free from suffering, and free of shame. A world where these freed women can be ready to rise-up, claim their power, regain their dignity, and re-build their lives.

What is the goal of the Help Her Recover Project?

The Help Her Recover Project aims to build partnerships and systemic change in the priority themes detailed below:

  1. Prevention of violence against women and girls through trauma-responsive care training: This initiative directly addresses safety by equipping community support providers, healthcare professionals, and educators with the necessary skills to recognize and respond to signs of violence. By creating safe spaces within these institutions, women and girls can seek help and support without fear of judgment or further harm. This not only promotes safety but also empowers survivors to access the assistance they need to recover and heal from trauma.

  2. Access to capacity building through life skills training: This initiative focuses on empowerment by providing women with essential life skills that enhance their resilience and self-reliance. Social-emotional learning opportunities, such as mentorship, entrepreneurship, and leadership training, enable women to develop confidence, assertiveness, and decision-making abilities. By addressing these foundational skills, women are better equipped to navigate challenging circumstances, advocate for themselves, and make informed choices, thereby empowering them to break free from cycles of violence and dependence.

  3. Strengthening pathways into employment for women graduates: This initiative contributes to gender equality by addressing systemic barriers that limit women’s access to economic opportunities. By creating pathways into employment for women graduates, the project promotes equal participation in the workforce and challenges traditional gender roles and stereotypes. Employment not only provides financial independence and stability but also enhances women’s status and agency within their communities. Additionally, by focusing on graduates, the project recognizes the importance of education as a tool for empowering women and breaking the cycle of poverty and violence.

Can I get a tax receipt?

Help Her Recover Trauma Relief for the Community, is a registered operating trade name of Rituals for Recovery non-profit organization (OCN) 005033970. We are not a registered charity which means we are unable to provide you with a tax receipt.

How do I get involved? Can I volunteer to be part of this initiative?

We are always looking to engage community and welcome the support of people who want to contribute to the greater good!

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