Helping Essential Workers in Ontario Rest, Renew, and Recover from Complex Trauma

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Show your support to women coping with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental struggles by sending a trauma relief care pack with therapeutic tools and holistic healing.
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Painful Truths About Essential Workers with Compassion Fatigue, Stress, and Trauma

Front-line essential workers are vulnerable to repeated exposure to other’s suffering while working in high-stress environments and continuously giving of themselves to others. All helping professionals are at risk for compassion fatigue, traumatic stress, PTSD and vicarious trauma. In a survey of 300 practising social workers in fields such as mental health and substance abuse, health care, child welfare, and school social work:

  • 40% thought about their work with traumatized clients without intending to
  • 22% reported feeling detached from others
  • 26% felt emotionally numb
  • 28% had a sense of foreshortened future
  • 27% reported irritability
  • 28% reported concentration difficulties
Your Greatest Assets Are Your Employees

Compassion fatigue, traumatic stress, and vicarious trauma are disruptive issues that can affect a person’s ability to work, perform their day-to-day activities, and stay connected with family and friends. The consequences for essential workers, if left untreated, can impact the quality of care they provide, trigger the body into a hyper-aroused state, and prevent them from living their best lives.


Chronic exposure to stress and trauma can trigger burnout and symptoms such as isolation, anxiety, emotional outbursts, sadness and apathy, persistent physical ailments, and recurring nightmares or flashbacks. While there is no universal “cure,” practicing sustainable self-care can help manage symptoms and lessen many of the disruptive issues that occur.

Compassion fatigue, traumatic stress, PTSD, empathic distress and vicarious trauma, create issues in our lives. Providing authentic, sustainable self-care can help manage and lessen the disruptive issues that consequently arise.



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Help Her Recover is seeking your help to support front-line essential workers across Ontario. Our compassion project, Rising Strong, will send 1,111 trauma relief care packs with restorative tools and holistic resources that support authentic, sustainable self-care to help manage and lessen the impact of disruptive mental health conditions.

Each trauma relief care pack delivers psycho-educational and therapeutic tools to help essential workers to:

  • Adopt a healthy mindset by drawing upon your inner wisdom to promote changes to your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes.
  • Become mindful and resilient by regulating emotions, reducing anxiety, depression and unconscious negative thoughts.
  • Create new healthy habits by identifying personal stressors, become aware of self-defeating behaviours.
  • Reduce vulnerability to secondary traumatic stress by managing triggers and build resilience.
  • Support lasting change by designing a regime for self-care and stress management.
  • Live at peak performance by alleviating pain, healing and restoring well-being.

The generosity provided by our supporters presents opportunities for us to:

  • Deliver on-going trauma relief support to women in need throughout communities within Ontario, Canada.
  • Provide on-going trauma-informed education, life-skills training, and knowledge to improve overall well being.
  • Support women in receiving ongoing coaching and access to our mind-body healing arts institute.
  • Sponsor women into our empowerment programs and retreats.
  • Present internship opportunities for previously incarcerated women to volunteer and give back through community hours. To learn from artisans providing business skills, mentorship, and training.
  • End stigma, heal intergenerational trauma, reduce ACES and break the cycle and transmission of trauma.

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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? Burnt Out? Compassion Fatigued? Stressed? Depressed? Anxious?

How can you contribute to the greater good?
Be Part of The Solution

Help front line health care workers, care givers and survivors. Send a trauma relief care package to show your support.


Rest -
Care Package 1

For just $3.33 per day you can help those in need.


Renew -
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For just $3.33 per day you can help those in need.


Recover -
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For just $3.33 per day you can help those in need.

What items are in each care package?

Each trauma recovery care pack includes three to seven handmade healing products created by local artisans and holistic practitioners.
Meet Our Team
Healing Arts Faculty
Heather Kent, (RP) Registered Psychotherapist
Lisa Greenbaum, Director of Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy Programs
Kiran Bissoon, Nutritional Program Director
Amaru Mendez, Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle Program Instructor
Dr. Rajesh Ragbir, ND & Meditation & Mindfulness Program Director
Dr. Rajesh Ragbir, ND & Meditation & Mindfulness Program Director
Lilia Greatrix, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher
Amanda Willett, Trauma Informed Restorative & Yoga Nidra Teacher
Inspiring Change
Meet The Makers

Jasmin Marshall


My Story

“I suffered from postpartum depression and felt ashamed and alone to talk about it with anyone. Using essential oils in my daily routine helped tremendously to reduce anxiety and provide relaxation. I wanted to share the benefits that I had received, and so I made these products for friends and family. After several years, I decided to start a business in 2017 when on maternity leave with my 3rd child. And viola “She’s Sew Chic” was born.

I am grateful to provide a product that has given so many people relief of aches and pains to mental and physical relaxation.”

Do you know someone struggling with postpartum depression or another serious mental condition?Click here to send a trauma relief care pack with Jasmin’s eye masks and warmers to someone you know.

Brittney Cassidy


My Story

I began Aiyana unexpectedly from my hospital bed while in palliative care fighting an aggressive life-threatening illness for over six years.

All known medical treatments had been explored and exhausted with no success. With not much time left to live, a friend of mine began bringing me jewelry supplies to make bracelets for something to do to pass the time. On days I had enough energy, I began making bracelets for my nurses, PSW’s and caregivers.

After 7 years of treatment attempts, Brittney turned to First Nations traditional medicine and Practices, neuroplasticity-based techniques, mindfulness-based approaches, and different types of meditation to help her cope. Three years later, Brittney is now thriving and lives a very full and happy life.

To help other women heal with Brittney’s jewelry, tools, and teachings, click here send a trauma relief care pack to someone in your community.

Andrea Tranter

SISI Georgian Bay

My Story

SiSi Georgian Bay is a unique small batch skincare company, based on pure and simple principals. We carefully source and select the best natural, organic, and wild ingredients, in order to utilize gentle, yet powerful, plant-based properties. Our formulas are developed with tremendous care and attention to detail, guided by the sacred traditions of herbal and botanical alchemy. Our first product was created in 1998, by founders Andrea Tranter and Bruce Tiffin, for their own daughter Sierra (aka SiSi).

It is our passion to produce fine quality skincare products, with the purpose to soothe, nurture, pamper and protect. “

– Andrea Tranter, Founder

Do you know someone in need of sacred self-care? Click here to send a trauma relief care pack with Andrea’s therapeutic skincare products to someone you know.


What is Help Her Recover?

Help Her Recover (HHR) is a division of Rituals for Recovery, an Ontario based women-centered non-profit organization established with the primary goal of ending suffering through trauma relief support, holistic care, therapy, education, and training.

Our multi-talented team provides essential mind/ body recovery tools and resources to help survivors manage, cope, and survive the aftermath of post-traumatic stress and complex trauma.

HHR’s core mission is to provide a continuum of recovery care services, to uplift under served populations of vulnerable women through community collaboration, creative leadership, and collective impact.

We envision a world where women are free: free from pain, free from suffering, and free of shame. A world where these freed women can be ready to rise-up, claim their power, regain their dignity, and re-build their lives.

What is the goal of Rising Strong?

Each year HHR plans to run 3 awareness campaigns which will deliver 3,333 trauma relief care packs to women in need throughout Ontario Canada.

With your support, we are one step closer to:

  • Meeting our 1st campaign goal of delivering 1,111 trauma relief care packs to essential workers, caregivers, and  survivors.
  • Sponsoring and supporting 500 trauma survivors in receiving ongoing recovery coaching and access to Rituals for Recovery mind-body healing arts institute.
  • Provide on-going trauma-informed education, life-skills training, and knowledge to improve overall well being.
  • Ending stigma and breaking the cycle and transmission of trauma.


Can I get a tax receipt?

Help Her Recover Trauma Relief for the Community, is a registered operating trade name of Rituals for Recovery non-profit organization (OCN) 005033970. We are not a registered charity which means we are unable to provide you with a tax receipt when you send a care pack.

Can I nominate someone who’s not an ‘essential worker’?

If you know a woman who has overcome adversity, has experienced or is suffering from trauma, loss of any kind, burnout, depression, is in transition and/or could use a helping hand, go ahead brighten her day. Send a trauma relief care pack and nominate her today!

When will my trauma relief pack be delivered?

It may take between 4 to 6 weeks to prepare and ship a trauma relief pack. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, delivery times may be impacted and take longer than expected.

Also, we are working alongside local artisans and creators to ensure that all items are readily available. However, due to demand, there may be a delay due to items being restocked before a completed trauma relief pack can be sent.

Can I send a trauma relief care pack for myself?

Are you in need of some sacred self-care? Go ahead love yourself up and nominate yourself today!

How do I qualify for the monthly giveaway?

All supporters who donate for the full three months of giving, will receive our signature HELP HER RECOVER bracelet, handcrafted by Brittney Cassidy , Founder & Designer of AIYANA JEWELRY.

How do you choose artisans and creators to contribute to the care packs?

Contact us today and apply to join our team of local artisans and creators contributing to Rising Strong.

How do I get involved? Can I volunteer to be part of this initiative?

We are always looking to engage community and welcome the support of people who want to contribute to the greater good!

Contact us today!

Inspire the Gift of Radical Self Care

5 Simple Steps to Nominating and Sending a Trauma Relief Care Pack to a Woman in Need in Your Community

Step 1

Choose an individual or organization who you would like to nominate!

Step 2

Pick the care kit and package you want to send.

Step 3

Share her story with us.

Step 4

Include an inspirational message and the reason you’re nominating her!

Step 5

Share our endeavour on social media use hashtag #helpherrecover.

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Help front line health care workers, care givers and survivors. Send care packages to show your support.