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Our Cause

Help Her Recover (HHR) is a division of Rituals for Recovery, an Ontario based women-centered non-profit organization established with the primary goal of ending suffering through trauma relief support, alternative holistic care, coaching, education, and training founded by internationally recognized social innovator, Amanda Willett. Led by trauma informed well-being experts including Willett, HHR’s team members are devoted to being universal agents of change in the trauma recovery and healing arts space.

Our Mission

The effects of post-traumatic stress and exposure to trauma are the leading cause of pain and suffering on our planet.


Depression, addiction, burnout, compassion fatigue, stress, anxiety, grief, PTSD, and various other mental health challenges all arise from unresolved trauma.


Our multi-talented team provides essential mind/ body recovery tools and resources to help survivors manage, cope, and survive the aftermath of post-traumatic stress and complex trauma.


Our Ideology of Success

Our core mission is to transform community health into community wealth by providing a continuum of recovery care services, to uplift under served populations of vulnerable women through community collaboration, creative leadership, and collective impact.


Our Vision

We envision a world where women are free: free from pain, free from suffering, and free of shame. A world where these freed women can be ready to rise-up, claim their power, regain their dignity, and re-build their lives.

Our Impact

As a social enterprise we apply trauma informed care principles to address mental health issues, improving the lives of under served populations while creating positive community change.


We offer access to a variety of creative practices that facilitate healing, foster post traumatic growth, and promote positive personal change.


We provide opportunity employment to stay at home moms, local artisans, and people who have significant barriers to mainstream employment.


We create social impact through innovative products and services that provide trauma relief and resolution on a global scale.


Our support empowers women to lead, to create a better life, give their children a better future, and make a difference in their communities.

Helping Essential Workers

Show your support to women coping with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental struggles by sending a trauma relief care pack with therapeutic tools and holistic healing.

Social Impact
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Front Line Workers




Trauma Survivors

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Our Goal is to Raise $175,000

Help front line health care workers, care givers and survivors. Send care packages to show your support.


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Meet the Founder
Amanda Willett

There’s simply a lack of accessible trauma recovery support for women who have experienced a traumatic life event,” says Amanda Willett “


Being in a pandemic is traumatic by definition and the trauma is increased exponentially when your work puts you at risk. Nurses, doctors, and other front line healthcare workers are called on to put themselves at risk every day.


The only way to push through, especially for those struggling with or seeking support for trauma, is a community of compassion that can help with recovery.” “Hope is the starting point from which a journey of recovery must begin.”


Without a pause for self-care, this crisis could put our doctors and nurses at greater risk for depression, anxiety, addiction, violence, and PTSD.


To all of you working in the trenches everyday providing a range of care, essential services, and support to others, we want to thank you. “It’s a privilege and honor to witness everyday the resiliency of the human spirit to rise again.”